The Best Of Jonathan Little’s FREE Poker Videos

The Best Of Jonathan Little’s FREE Poker Videos

With over 2,000 uploads and 4 videos posted every week, my free poker videos have helped thousands of poker players beat all levels of poker, from the micro stakes all the way up to high stakes poker tournaments and cash games. Whether you are a beginner looking to start studying poker through free poker lessons, or you’re an experienced player looking to watch analysis on wild poker hands, the Jonathan Little YouTube channel offers something for poker players of all levels. Highlighting the best, free poker strategy my YouTube channel has to offer, I want to showcase some of my favorites from the channel.

Wild Poker Hands From The Pros

Often the best poker hands to learn from are the ones played by the pros. Every week on my YouTube channel, I break down and analyze hands played by the likes of Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Negreanu, and Phil Ivey. Taking what I’ve learned from countless hours of poker coaching, I offer my insights to help viewers better understand how the best in the world approach no-limit Texas hold’em.


Brad Owen faced an opponent who just couldn’t stop talking at the poker table. Confusing him for Clive Owen, this trash talker decided to min-raise Brad on the turn but didn’t realize yet that he had run into a full house.

This poker hand highlights the importance of recognizing how each opponent is different and how your poker strategy should be adapted accordingly. You can size up your value bets against ‘fun’ players that are splashing around and looking to gamble.

At the beginning of this poker video I discuss why it is not a very good poker strategy to open limp. Always raise preflop!

On the turn, there are certain situations that you do want to lead with some of your strongest hands to try and build a pot.

When deciding on what bet sizes to use you should be thinking about your opponent’s range of hands and what size that range will call.

Kym Lim FOLDS QUADS in a Live Poker Cash Game!

Every poker player dreams of hitting four of a kind at the poker table, but do they ever imagine folding quads!? The internet went into a frenzy when professional cash game player Kym Lim did the unthinkable by folding quad queens and letting all of her Twitter followers know about it. While all of “poker Twitter” thought her fold was insane, I gave my own analysis on this wild poker hand.

The SLOWROLL That Cost $390,000!!

Revenge is sweet, isn’t it? I analyze Round 2 between Garrett Adelstein & Dylan Gang on The Hustler Casino Live. Round 1 saw Dylan painfully slowroll Garrett, but karma always finds a way to get you back!

I break down each street in this massive $390,000 pot and discuss the poker strategy applied by these two players that have a history against each other.

The BIGGEST Win EVER For Rampage Poker [$115,000 Pot]!

Rampage Poker destroyed everybody on this Hustler Casino Live stream! In a $5/$5/$100 Ante game with a $200 straddle, this game played HUGE and Rampage bought in for $125,000 like the boss that he is!

Check out this hand between Rampage Poker and Nick ‘Nitucci’ Vertucci that took place on the Hustler Casino Live livestream!

Rampage expertly showed how to play draws on a tricky board and ends up taking down a massive $115,000 pot!! I discuss the poker strategy both players demonstrate in this hand and also break down some important considerations including recognizing when your opponent is on tilt and how to adjust accordingly! Sometimes… when you’re known to enjoy a good punt here and there, it can also get you paid, and it led to Rampage earning his biggest winning session ever at Hustler Casino Live!

HELLMUTH vs NEGREANU l Hellmuth did WHAT?! in the High Stakes Duel

The eagerly anticipated match up between Phil Hellmuth and Daniel Negreanu was certainly a wild ride. I analyzed some of the hands that were played in this first match up as part of PokerGO’s High Stakes Duel series. This particular hand left a lot of people scratching their heads after Hellmuth made a very questionable laydown.


In 2020 (pre-COVID), Phil Ivey made a come back to the tournament circuit after a fairly long hiatus. It is always a pleasure watching one of the worlds very best competing at such a high level again. ⁣ ⁣

In this hand we watch Phil Ivey take on Ivan Leow who is known to be a fairly loose and aggressive player. Things are always going to get interesting when you run an A high flush into a K high flush. Did Leow find the hero fold? ⁣ ⁣

How To Play Poker – Learn Texas Hold’em

Whether you are familiar with basic poker strategy or are just learning the poker hand rankings, our free videos offer excellent introductory knowledge into all poker topics. After learning “what beats what”, you can explore more intermediate topics such as hand ranges, pot odds, and equity. If you want to become a crusher of no-limit Texas hold’em, these free videos are a great starting point!

Mastering the Fundamentals of No-Limit Texas Hold’em

One of the most popular pieces of poker strategy on my website is my Mastering the Fundamentals course. In this video, I offer a sneak peak to viewers on what all the Mastering the Fundamentals course has to offer. If you are new to the game of Texas hold ’em, my Mastering the Fundamentals course not only teaches you the basic rules of the game but also introduces you to more intermediate concepts like effective stack size.

If you enjoy this sneak peek, you can experience the entire course for free.

Starting Hand Selection

In this video I discuss one of the most important strategies in no limit hold’em poker, starting hand selection! Having a solid preflop strategy is vital to playing well post-flop so I have broken down the fundamentals to make sure you are playing the correct poker strategy in any given situation.

I take a look at the importance of position around the table, the effective stack depth amongst the players in the hand and the implication of ante’s and rake so that you know how to adjust your starting hand selection optimally.


In this video I’m going to give you my 5 top tips for tournament & cash game players to improve at poker TODAY!

Whether you’re playing small stakes live cash games in a casino, or a friendly tournament home game, you’ll be able to use these poker strategies right away to help you crush your games!

I break down some of the most important poker fundamentals such as poker positions, playing aggressively preflop and post-flop (with lots of 3-betting) and what bet size to use in different spots. I’ll also help you tackle some of the mental game challenges you’ll run into, such as how to approach luck in poker and how to leave your ego at the door!


To have a solid preflop strategy, you must learn to think in terms of ranges at the poker table. While you should certainly know how to play your own cards, you must always consider the types of hands your opponents may be holding and how they may play them. In this video, I outline what you need to know about hand ranges, and how to apply them to your game


This video will teach you exactly how to calculate whether a call is profitable in poker by using pot odds and equity.

Poker is a very mathematical game and it can seem overwhelming at first, but study this video and put the lesson to practice and you will quickly learn how to use these strategies effectively to increase your win rate.

5 Tips to CRUSH Limpers!

When competing in small stakes poker tournaments and cash games, often you will come across poker players who love to limp. Knowing how to handle limpers will take you far when playing at the small stakes, retain the five tips I outline in this video to dominate limpers on the felt.

Master a GTO short stack preflop poker tournament strategy and know when to move all-in with the help of Jonathan Little's Push Fold Charts on

Make the best preflop decisions with Jonathan Little’s Push/Fold Charts!

Free Online Poker Videos

Poker in the modern age exists in two worlds. While you will still find plenty of poker players battling it out at your local poker room, you’ll find just as many if not more playing on a number of online poker sites. Regardless of whether you play on GGPoker, PokerStars, or America’s Cardroom, our videos offer a substantial amount of free poker lessons that can be applied to online poker. 

How to Run Deep in Online Tournaments

Running deep in big field online tournaments is tough, but if you focus on playing well in certain spots, you will give yourself a great chance to run deep. To run deep in online poker tournaments, you must understand how to approach the different stages of each tournament, and make the proper adjustments when necessary. Once you find the right game and get in the necessary volume, you will gradually see your bankroll increase and will be ready to take on bigger stakes.

5 Tips to CRUSH Online Cash Games!

Online cash games offer poker players a great way to build their bankroll at a wide array of stakes. Whether you are looking to beat the micro stakes or are a well-studied poker player wanting to crush high stakes online cash games, the five tips from this free poker strategy video will help you dominate the virtual felt.

High Stakes WSOP Bracelet Tournament Stream

While I spend hours every week providing strategy content and coaching for my students, I still play loads of poker myself and work to improve my own game. This video is a replay of my 2022 World Series of Poker live stream where I competed for a WSOP bracelet in a $3,200 buy-in poker tournament.

My Most Popular Free Videos

Having made free poker strategy videos for years now, it makes sense that my subscribers have selected some videos as their favorites. Want to improve your preflop strategy and crush small stakes no-limit hold’em? Our most popular videos from the YouTube channel have helped my subscribers do exactly that, and they can help you too.

Mastering the Fundamentals: Preflop Strategy

Just one of the 19 sections of my free Master The Fundamentals course, in this video I break down the basics of a profitable preflop strategy. To be successful in any given poker hand, you must lay a solid foundation by playing preflop appropriately. The deeper into a poker hand you progress, the more variables come into play, making it critical you understand how to navigate the very start of every hand.

3 Lessons to CRUSH Small Stakes Cash Games

Before you can take on the nosebleed high stakes cash games like those seen on the Hustler Live Stream, you must first prove yourself by beating small stakes poker games. In this cash game strategy video, I go over three lessons you must know to beat small stakes cash games.

Crushing Small Stakes Cash Games by Jonathan Little

A poker player is only as good as the tools they choose to utilize. Programs like Equilab offer players a great resource to crush micro stakes all the way to high stakes cash games. In the first part of this multi-part poker strategy series, not only do I cover how to use Equilab, but I also break down the concepts you need to know to beat small stakes cash games.

Advanced Poker Strategy Videos

Are you familiar with the basics and want to find advanced poker strategy videos that will take you to the next level? Our free videos offer plenty of advanced poker lessons for players looking to implement more complex strategies. Never overplay pocket aces again by reviewing the three mistakes poker players make the most with pocket rockets. Are you an exploitative poker player wanting to learn GTO? Explore how to play GTO preflop just like the pros.

How To EXPLOIT Recreational Players When DEEP STACKED

When deep stacked at the poker table, not every player at the poker table will be a pro like Tom Dwan or Doug Polk. Most players you face with be recreational poker players, being able to take advantage of your deep stack and properly exploit recreational players will take you far and will result in profit. The name of the game is taking what your opponents do and exploiting them accordingly, forcing recreational opponents to make mistakes will make your deep stack even deeper.

Continuation Betting Strategies in Live Cash Games

In this segment from my Learning with Little YouTube series, I took questions live from students as I discussed continuation betting in live cash games. Inspired by a recent cash game I had played in Las Vegas with some friends, I detailed the intricacies worth rememberin en continuation betting post-flop as the preflop aggressor. If you ever struggle at the poker table deciding what size of a bet you should make and what your betting frequency should be, this video will be of great help.

What Is GTO Preflop Strategy?

The game of poker has greatly evolved since it’s rise in popularity following the Moneymaker Boom. In what feels like very little time, Game Theory Optimal, or GTO, poker strategies have become a mainstay in the realm of Texas hold’em. Having an understanding of GTO poker is a requirement for succeeding at no-limit hold’em, to learn GTO there is no better place to start than with preflop strategy.


My favorite poker hand, pocket aces is the best starting hand you can be dealt in no-limit Texas hold’em. Despite how strong pocket aces are, the three mistakes I outline in this video can quickly derail any plans for profit you may have with pocket rockets. It may hurt to fold pocket aces, but the spots I outline in this video show the benefits of not overplaying your premium hand.


Having a solid preflop strategy is vital to becoming a profitable poker player. Your preflop play is the foundation for your strategy within any given poker hand. Knowing when to correctly call, three-bet or fold will not only increase your profits but also your win rate.

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