We’re Sponsoring Cardplayer Lifestyle’s Mixed Game Festival VIII: Here’s Why, and What That Means

We’re Sponsoring Cardplayer Lifestyle’s Mixed Game Festival VIII: Here’s Why, and What That Means

As much as all of us here at Pokercoaching.com love coaching and learning, we of course also love playing. Peak summer poker season is upon us, and that means it’s PLAY TIME! Some of you will be on the tournament grind and hunting bracelets, while others will be on the cash game grind hoping to “harness their inner sharks” and pad your bankrolls. We wish you all lots of smart decision-making and run good! With all that said, we also believe that at the end of the day poker is meant to be FUN!

Over the past couple years, we’ve borne witness to some of the most objectively delightful poker sessions we’ve ever seen, at Cardplayer Lifestyle’s Mixed Game Festival. While the competition at the felt is serious and players are of course trying to win each other’s money, this oft-recurring series feels like the world’s biggest home game and is primarily all about gathering fun-loving poker players who just want to have a good time. Plus, it’s also about learning poker’s dozens of non-Hold’em fixed-limit variants.

Among our roster of coaches who’ve made appearances in the past at the Mixed Game Festivals are Justin Saliba, Ethan “Rampage” Yau, and our founder Jonathan Little. Who knows which members of our roster might show up this time? 😊

The eighth Mixed Game Festival is coming up in a couple weeks and it’s going to be held at Bellagio Las Vegas for the first time. Pokercoaching.com is once again proud to be on board as a sponsor! We’re always happy to support organizations whose aim is to grow the game of poker, and Cardplayer Lifestyle and their founder Robbie Strazynski truly fit that bill.

Mixed Game Festival VIII at Bellagio June 16-20

As part of our sponsorship, a “Pokercoaching.com Player of the Day” will be selected for recognition on each day of the Mixed Game Festival and have their story written up in Cardplayer Lifestyle’s published recaps and will also get a FREE PokerCoaching hat.

In addition, Robbie will be conducting random drawings throughout the festival where winners will get free 1-month Pokercoaching Premium memberships.

“Some of the most unique and exciting moments during our past Mixed Game Festivals have occurred when weekend warriors get the opportunity to battle it out against top-tier, decorated pros. That guy who successfully pulls off a bluff in a $4/8 mixed game against a high roller like Justin Saliba in a 2-7 Drawmaha pot on the river; he’ll have a great story to tell for life!” said Strazynski.

Especially if you’ve never played mixed games before, the $4/8 fixed limit action easily makes this the most affordable entry point to dip your toes in the water. Plus, Mixed Game Festival VIII is taking place right across the street from the WSOP. It’s the perfect place to chill and splash around for a couple hours while taking a break from the pure NLHE/PLO tournament and cash game grind. Let’s never lose sight of how much fun poker can be: Join us at the Bellagio poker room from June 16-20!

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