Rampage Poker Gets Dealt Premium In A Cash Game

Rampage Poker Gets Dealt Premium In A Cash Game

Regardless if it is a cash game or a tournament, poker vlogger Rampage Poker is more than capable of bluffing off his stack as he continues to grow his following. In this hand, Rampage gets dealt four of a kind, but was he able to get full value from such a strong hand?

The Game: $2/$5 Cash Game
Effective Stack: 200 Big Blinds
Where: Chasers Poker Room and Casino – Salem, New Hampshire

This video comes from Jonathan Little’s YouTube Channel. If you would like to stay up to date with more video content such as this, including hand breakdowns from Hellmuth vs Dwan, Garrett Adelstein, Brad Owen and more, be sure to check out the channel!

Playing Pocket Pairs Preflop In Cash Games

Playing four handed in a $2/$5 cash game, Rampage looked down at 5-5 following a $20 raise form the cutoff. Often an aggressive presence at the table, Rampage three-bet $60 inducing folds from everyone except the cutoff, who called.

With small and medium pairs, you usually want to call as you really, really want to see the flop in hopes of hitting a set. The best time to three-bet a hand like pocket fives preflop is when you rarely expect to be four-bet. When you’re playing a cautious, recreational player it is the best time to mix in these three-bets, but most of the time simply calling is preferred.

Nailing A Set On The Flop

The Pot: $127
The Board: 10-9-5
Effective Stack: 188 Big Blinds Effective

Flop Analysis

After hitting his set of fives on the flop, Rampage would bet $80 following a check from his opponent. Taking a few brief moments, his opponent would make the call.

With a strong hand that could very well connect with his opponent’s range, Rampage was wise to bet. When holding bottom set, it is ideal to bet as it does not block top pair or middle pair, making it not an optimal hand to slow play. While betting was definitely the right play, was $80 the ideal sizing? Large and medium bets may not get called, but a small bet likely wouldn’t be called either if the opponent didn’t connect with the board or have some strength.

If both a medium bet and a small bet have the same likelihood of being called, it is preferred to go for the value of the medium bet, a move Rampage executed to perfection! In live poker, opponents often don’t care how large the bet is, and are willing to call wide even when they are holding air. When you have a strong hand and there is a chance your opponent has a hand worth calling with, never slowplay, as not only do you leave value on the table, but you give your opponent a chance to catch up. When you have a good hand, bet!

Jonathan Little

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Hitting Four Of A Kind On The Turn

The Pot: $287
The Board: 10-9-5-5
Effective Stack: 172 Big Blinds Effective

Turn Analysis

Following another check from his opponent, Rampage elected to go for value betting $100. Rampage’s opponent would ponder for some time before making the call.

Unless you know your opponent has a tendency to go for it and bluff the river, it is in your best interest to add value to the pot when you have a monster hand like four of a kind. You want to avoid betting so big that opponents get scared away, so with quads betting one-third or half pot is ideal (which Rampage did masterfully).

An Incredibly Convenient River

The Pot: $487
The Board: 10-9-5-5-6
Effective Stack: 152 Big Blinds Effective

River Analysis

The six of hearts on the river was incredibly convenient for Rampage and his full house. Following an immediate $200 lead from his opponent, Rampage new it was time to go for it all, “hollywooding” before pushing in his remaining $760. Much to the vlogger’s delight, his opponent would snap call, flipping over pocket sizes for the rivered full house, an absolute cooler for the opposition.

Facing a sizeable lead with the stone cold nuts, Rampage was wise taking his time before moving all-in. A snap shove almost always indicates strength, so taking time to goad your opponent into calling is ideal, especially with quads! It is quite fulfilling when you can move all-in and no there is no way you can lose, and with Rampage’s splashy, bluffing table image, when he does have the nuts it makes it even easier for him to get full value.

A special thank you to Rampage Poker for letting us review this hand, if you want to check out more of Rampage’s play at the table, be sure to check out his YouTube channel.

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