HERO CALL To Win $1,000,000

HERO CALL To Win $1,000,000

GGPoker Super Millions Final Table

For the first time ever, our GGPoker Super Millions Final Table review features one of our very own PokerCoaching.com coaches! Bert Stevens, otherwise known as Giraf Ganger, brought his elite online poker skills to the felt when taking his final table short stack all the way to heads-up play. The former #1 online player in the world, would Bert regain his crown and win another Super Millions?

The Game:  GGPoker Super Millions
Blinds: 600,000/1,200,000
Stack Sizes: 20 Big Blinds Effective

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Down But Not Out

With almost half the stack of his heads-up opponent, Bert needed a quality hand to regain some momentum and keep his short stack comeback alive. Bert’s opponent, the player known as “Jerome001”, virtually looked down at 6♠-5♠ and limped from the button. When heads-up, you must expand your limping range to adjust to only facing one opponent, something Jerome001 did effectively with this play. Looking at K♣-Q himself, Bert raised it to 4,200,000. With a 20 big blind stack some hands can be used to raise small rather than open shoving preflop, while Bert could have done so with the K♣-Q, his raise still maintained a sound heads-up strategy. Protecting their range Jerome001 would make the call, taking the hand to the flop.

Gutshot On The Flop

The Pot: 8,700,000
The Board: A-3-2♣
Effective Stack: 20 Big Blinds

While this flop connected well with Bert’s range, it did provide Jerome001 with a gutshot straight-draw that would incentivize them to stay in the hand. Many players holding K♣-Q would be nervous seeing an ace on the board, but acknowledging Jerome001’s preflop limp takes a large amount of hands containing aces out of their range. Utilizing his range and nut advantage, Bert wisely made a small-sized bet amount for 1,800,000, well in accordance with the proper GTO strategy. Despite lacking Bert’s range and nut advantage, the amazing pot odds Jerome001 was being offered to pursue their straight-draw resulted in an easy call.

What’s Another 3?

The Pot: 8,300,000
The Board: A-3-2♣-3
Effective Stack: 18 Big Blinds

Out of position, Bert had two viable options: checking with the intention of calling a bet, or betting small. With their range, Jerome001 has plenty of draws that would struggle folding to a bet, draws that Bert beats even with king-high. Bert was wise to stay away from making a medium or large bet as such bets out of position leave you extremely vulnerable to being raised all-in. An implemented GTO strategy mixes in both checks and small bets with the offsuited K-Q, small bets being effective as other hands containing an ace would not need too much protection. Bert elected to check, leaving Jerome001 in a spot where they had to bluff. Drawing and only having 6-high, Jerome001 had to make a bluff bet to have any chance of winning the hand. A small bet on the turn not only elicits some folds from queen-high and jack-high hands, but also sets a player up to effectively bluff the river. Jerome001 would make the small bluff bet for 3,600,000, bringing a call from Bert and taking it to the river.

Brick River

The Pot: 19,500,000
The Board: A-3-2♣-3-9
Effective Stack: 15 Big Blinds

Lacking a king or a queen on the river, Bert checked it to Jerome001 who had to shove to have any hope of winning the hand. While well executed with the previous turn bet, Jerome001’s bluff still had to be convincing enough to fool the former #1 online player in the world. With the better hand, what did Bert consider as he pondered a call? While it may seem insane to call with only a king-high with an ace on the board, all of the draws Jerome001 could have been playing missed, their 6♠-5♠ being an example brought to life. Acknowledging the missed straight and flush draws, Bert found the call and would use his momentum to win another GGPoker Super Millions. Congrats Bert and way to represent PokerCoaching.com!

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