Robbi Jade Lew Makes Her Return To Live-Streamed Poker

Robbi Jade Lew Makes Her Return To Live-Streamed Poker

On Tuesday, February 7th 2023, the popular live-streamed cash game production Live At The Bike announced they would be hosting three nights of high stakes poker action via their official Twitter account. While poker fans are used to Parkwest Bicycle Casino hosting exciting, high stakes poker action, their carefully curated line-up was set to include not only the “Poker Brat” Phil Hellmuth, but also poker personality Robbi Jade Lew.

Making her first of three scheduled appearances on Live At The Bike, Lew’s participation in The Bike’s Valentine’s Day live stream served as her first live-streamed cash game appearance since the infamous jack-four hand. Mixing it up with the likes of not only Phil Hellmuth but Matt Berkey as well, was Lew able to create another viral moment and capture the poker community’s attention?

Phil Hellmuth Buys-In Big

Phil Hellmuth

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Before his appearance on Live At The Bike, 16-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth had already experienced some hefty losses in Los Angeles. Playing on Hustler Casino Live the night prior to his Live At The Bike appearance, not only was Hellmuth on the receiving end of a $158,600 losing session, but his play had drawn much criticism from the poker community. 

One of Hellmuth’s biggest critics was Matt Berkey, who joined the Live At The Bike game midway through the session. Motivated to show Berkey and the rest of the poker world he could beat high-stakes cash, Hellmuth uncharacteristically bought in big for $300,000. With a big stack and an even bigger ego, Hellmuth was ready to prove himself.

The Self-Destruction Of Phil Hellmuth

Only down slightly through the first hour of the session, Hellmuth called a $500 raise from the player known as Aussie Al holding 8-8 from the small blind. The players known as JD and The Accountant also called, making it four-ways heading to the flop. 

On the A♣-8♣-7 flop, Hellmuth elected to slowplay his middle set despite the flush draw being on the board. Hellmuth’s decision to slowplay would come back to haunt him, as after the flop checked through, JD hit his nut flush with K♣-5♣ after the J♣ arrived on the turn. Checked to in-position, JD made a $1,500 bet and was then check-raised $5,500 by Hellmuth. Looking for value, JD re-raised Hellmuth $16,500. Seeing that JD only had $17,000 behind, Hellmuth put his opponent all-in and was snapped called. Unable to boat up on the river, the Poker Brat began to use some of his favorite curse words after losing a nearly $70,000 pot.

Phil Hellmuth Hero Calls With Pocket Kings

A little over an hour after his loss with a set of eights, Hellmuth saw some explosive preflop action facing Matt Berkey and Eric “Mad Genius” Hicks. Following an UTG limp from Hicks, Hellmuth raised $2,000 holding K-K♣. Hellmuth was delighted when Berkey three-bet $5,500 from the BB and Hicks then executed a four-bet for $20,000. Hellmuth decided to play it slow, flatting Hicks’ four-bet as Berkey folded.

The flop came 10-9-3. First to act on the monotone board, Hicks led out with a $20,000 bet. Despite not having a diamond in his hand. Hellmuth called.

The turn brought the 8. Hicks led out again, this time for $50,000. Again, Hellmuth made the call.

The river was the 4. With the pot at $185,800, Hicks led out again for $50,000. Unable to get away from his pocket kings, Hellmuth made the call, only to see that Hicks had flopped the nut flush with A-K.

Now down over $337,000 over the course of two days, Hellmuth had had enough and immediately quit the game. Standing from his seat and making his way out of the Live At The Bike set, Hellmuth was predictably met with some needles.

“Are you sure Phil?” Robbi Lew asked. “You know the only way to get yourself out of a hole is to keep digging!”

Matt Berkey Pays Tribute To Robbi Jade Lew

Matt Berkey

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In honor of Lew’s return to live-streamed poker, a jack-four offsuit bounty was in play. If a player at the table was able to take down a pot with “Robbi’s Hand”, they would collect payment from each player at the poker table.

After an early position raise from Eric Hicks, Berkey decided to go after the jack-four offsuit bounty, kicking it up to $7,000 from the UTG-straddle holding J♠-4. Hicks called, making it head’s-up heading to the flop.

The flop came Q-7-5♣, giving no help to Berkey other than a measly runner-runner straight draw. Having the betting lead, Berkey led out for $7,000 and was called by Hicks.

The turn was the 4♠, giving Berkey bottom pair. Slowing down, Berkey checked to Hicks, who made a $15,000 bet. Berkey, unwilling to give up, called.

After the A♠ arrived on the river, Berkey knew he would need to bluff to take down the pot. After a few seconds, poker’s biggest yinzer said “I’m all-in.” Facing a $61,000 shove, Hicks went into the tank as he considered whether his pocket kings were good. Sensing something was off, Hicks eventually made the call, sniffing out Berkey’s bluff and scooping a sizeable $180,000 pot.

By the end of the night, Berkey was stuck over $128,000, serving as second biggest loser to Hellmuth’s $193,000 loss.

Robbi Jade Lew Takes Some Losses With Ace-King

Robbi Jade Lew

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Although Robbi Jade Lew was eager to make her return to live-streamed poker, she maintained a conservative strategy throughout the course of high stakes cash game. Although she took down a nice $38,000 pot with a set of queens early in the stream, every attempt Lew made with ace-king proved to be costly

In early position, Lew raised $500 holding A-K♠ and was met with a $1,600 three-bet from Berkey. Lew executed a $5,500 four-bet, only to see a $15,000 five-bet from Berkey. Not willing to rip in her entire stack, Lew flatted.

Following the J-10♠-9 flop, Lew checked to Berkey. After Berkey made a small $10,000 bet, Lew ultimately decided to make the fold. Although she had outs, Lew was dominated by Berkey’s pocket kings.

Just two hands later, Lew would get another opportunity with A-K. Facing a $600 UTG raise from The Accountant, Lew three-bet $2,600 from the cutoff with A-K♣. In the small blind, JD made a $10,000 four-bet, likely frustrating Lew who could not seem to catch a break with A-K offsuit. After witnessing a fold from The Accountant, Lew decided to rip her entire $96,700 stack into the middle. Unfortunately for Lew, her A-K offsuit had once again run into pocket kings. Unable to get any help from the dealer, Lew’s A-K offsuit had been beaten once again.

Robbi Jade Lew Proves Herself As A Game Runner

Despite taking some hefty losses in her first live-streamed poker game since the infamous Hustler hand, Lew showed the poker world that by name recognition alone, she can put together a captivating cash game. Not only was Lew able to attract some of poker’s best in Phil Hellmuth and Matt Berkey, but she was also able to include some entertaining recreational players. One of said recreational players, Eric “Mad Genius” Hicks, finished the live-stream as the biggest winner. Here are the final results from Robbi Jade Lew’s return to live-streamed poker, and what may have very well been Phil Hellmuth’s exit:

Cumulative Winnings

Eric Hicks$318,950
The Accountant-$16,100
Robbi Jade Lew-$36,700
Aussie Al-$51,300
Phil Hellmuth-$193,600
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