$148,000 Hand On The Hustler Live Stream

$148,000 Hand On The Hustler Live Stream

Hustler Casino High Stakes Live Stream

Becoming almost required viewing for any high stakes poker fan, Hustler Casino’s live streamed cash game continues to garner thousands of viewers daily. Everyone from NBA players to YouTube personalities have made their way to the Hustler to face the likes of Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan on the high stakes felt. This week’s hand didn’t star pro athletes or poker players, it instead pitted cash game regular Luda Chris against the executive producer of the Hustler Live Stream Nick Vertucci. With over $150,000 in the pot, which player had the cards to bring the chips to their side of the table?

The Game: Hustler Casino Live Stream Cash Game
Blinds: $5/$5/$100 + $50 Big Blind Ante
Stack Sizes: 825 Big Blinds Effective

This video comes from Jonathan Little’s YouTube Channel. If you would like to stay up to date with more video content such as this, including hand breakdowns from Negreanu vs Polk, Tom Dwan, Brad Owen and more, click here.

Hustlin’ On The Stream

Following a limp and a raise from the under the gun (UTG) and cutoff players, Vertucci would call the $500 raise holding 6♠-6 from the small blind. With a straddle in effect, it could have been in Vertucci’s best interest to three-bet as opposed to calling. While pocket six’s are already hard enough to play from the small blind, the straddle adds an additional player acting after Vertucci that he had to worry about. Raising mitigates the positional disadvantage of the small blind, although raising had benefit Vertucci’s call was fine as well. To Vertucci’s left, Luda Chris looked down at J♣-10♣ from the big blind and three-bet $2,600. Acknowledging how incredibly deep stacked the table was (825 big blinds effective), Chris’ raise with the J♣-10♣ allowed equity to be added to the pot facing the small blind, a spot he will always have position on. While Luda’s three-bet would induce folds from the UTG and cutoff, Vertucci made the call to try and mine a set on the flop.

We Got A Hand Here Boys

The Pot: $5,950
The Board: 6♣-5-3♣
Effective Stack: 799 Big Blinds

It was certainly a wild flop as not only did Vertucci hit top set, but Luda Chris snagged two crucial clubs he would need to defeat his opponent’s devil hand. Hitting a monster hand on the flop Vertucci elected to check out of position. Some players may question checking and not adding to the pot with such a strong hand, with top set why would he not want to charge the draws that could connect with this board? Acknowledging the fact that Chris did have a flush draw, his range still severely lacked draws as it had no fours and could only utilize clubs. Luda Chris’ three-bet preflop suggested he would likely continuation-bet on the flop, if your opponent doesn’t need encouragement to add money to the pot why scare him off?

With the lack of showdown value Luda had with J♣-10♣, betting his draw was ideal with the protection his big stack provided. When playing extremely deep stacked, you don’t mind having your draws raised as you can afford to call. Luda Chris had over a thousand big blinds, unless Vertucci put him all-in randomly Chris could easily afford to chase a fifth club. With cash to burn, Luda made the almost pot-sized bet for $5,000.

Having successfully induced a bet from Chris, it was time for Vertucci to charge the draws with a raise. While enjoying a back rub at the table, Vertucci smoothly grabbed some chips and min-raised $10,000. Raising was certainly ideal, but the sizing selected by Vertucci was way too low. The problem with min-raising is min-raises get called by almost everything, if an opponent is in the hand with a flush-draw you not only want to charge them to stick around but get proper value. Playing deep stacked with the effective nuts you want to get money in the pot immediately, especially when you’re vulnerable to getting outdrawn. Vertucci got some value but would hope to seek more on later streets.

While Vertucci’s suspicious play likely sent alarm bells off in Luda Chris’ head, he made the call taking it to the turn.


The Pot: $25,950
The Board: 6♣-5-3♣-7♣
Effective Stack: 699 Big Blinds

The 7♣ on the turn was a godsent to Luda Chris while a curse for the man responsible for bringing the whole game together. Despite lacking a flush or a straight Nick was incentivized to lead out, betting small to continue charging overpairs and hands holding one club. As if knowing he was behind, Vertucci checked it to Luda Chris.

Having hit his flush, it was the ideal time for Luda to make a chunky bet. Making an $18,000 bet, Luda Chris acknowledged the strength Vertucci had illustrated with his check-raise and charged a call-able amount. Holding his set of sixes Nick certainly had a tough decision considering this call, but what was the right play? In this scenario, you cannot fold as Luda’s bet could be for value or a bluff. Even when facing a flush, a set maintains all of the outs needed for a full house. With the odds being offered Vertucci’s only suitable option was sticking around, and he would certainly be glad he called when he saw the river.

The Flush Goes Down The Toilet

The Pot: $61,950
The Board: 6♣-5-3♣-7♣-5♠
Effective Stack: 519 Big Blinds

Vertucci surely saw money signs as the 5♠ slid across the felt completing his full house. With just short of the super duper nuts, was Nick supposed to lead out to get full value from his full house? Many players would make that play, despite the fact it dissuades the opponent from betting/bluffing their flushes and overpairs. Making a small bet out of position may induce some opponents into making large raises, but looking to check and then raise likely induces more chips to enter the middle.

Vertucci decided to bet small for $9,000, leaving Luda Chris with no clue as to what he had. Nick led and had been making very polarized plays, which left Chris to wonder what hands were in his range that would lead and possibly call a shove. Luda had done nothing but represent clubs for almost the entirety of the hand, the fact that Vertucci was comfortable leading should have signaled danger. While hindsight has the benefit of knowing the cards, the lack of fear Vertucci showed towards flushes suggested Luda Chris should have just called. Luda would fail to hear the alarm bells however as he raised to $35,000 and was quickly shoved on by Nick V.

Conclusion: Nick Vertucci Executively Produces A Payday

While Luda Chris fell victim to the full house and failed to see the warning signs, he recognized he was certainly behind and found the fold saving over $18,000. Despite his shove not being called, Vertucci would pull in a $151,000 pot to capitalize on his fives full of sixes. Congrats to Nick Vertucci on the score and a special thank you to Hustler Casino and High Stakes Poker Productions for letting us review the hand.

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