Meet Our New Poker Coach, Faraz Jaka

Meet Our New Poker Coach, Faraz Jaka

For the last 13 years, I’ve crushed both live and online poker tournaments playing a primarily exploitative style. My approach to the game has earned me over $10 million in tournament winnings and even a World Poker Tour Player of the Year Title.

For years I’ve had interviewers ask me to share my thought process on some of the crazy hands I’ve been a part of, like the time I got Luis Vasquez to fold AJ with my Q4 on a Qh5dJdJs6c board. Regardless of how many times I’ve been asked to share strategy, I’ve just about always declined, keeping the secrets to my exploitative plays to myself.

For the first time ever I’ll be sharing those secrets exclusively to premium members of, so don’t forget to sign up to access our premium version! Moving forward, you can expect to find weekly articles, quizzes and video content from me on the site.

To kick things off, I’ll be releasing a video series in February called “Exploitative Strategies to Crush Live Tournaments”

Have you noticed that players such as myself, Chance Kornuth, and Ari Engel, are always opening way wider than charts say we can, yet we still seem to constantly crush live tournaments? I’ll talk about how this is possible and how to exploitatively raise your preflop open and three-betting tendencies in part one of my video series titled “How and When to Increase Preflop Aggression

In part two of “Exploitative Strategies to Crush Live Tournaments”, we’ll be covering “Turn and River bets”. One of the most common mistakes I see from some of my peers is that they use the EXACT line of thinking through every single hand, regardless of who their opponent is. “Well, If I don’t call this with this hand then what am I ever calling his river bet with?” and my response is “NOTHING! If this opponent isn’t capable of bluffing much in this spot then it’s okay to just overfold like crazy!” We’ll get into some spots like these and also cover some exploitative bet sizings we can take with our bluffs and value bets.

As mentioned above, this is only the start, you’ll be seeing a ton more content from me coming your way. On top of the specific in-game poker strategy, below is a list of topics I’m passionate about and you can expect to see me cover in future articles and videos on This list is by no means a comprehensive list and just a few of the many topics I’ll be producing content on.

  • Utilizing information available to you on and off the poker table to help maximize your edge
  • The importance of organization and spreadsheeting towards a successful poker career.
  • Maximizing your ability to play your A-game as often as possible.
  • Common poker mindset flaws and better ways to think about them
  • Pregame, in-game, and postgame routines to hack ourselves into playing our A-game.

Poker is forever evolving. I’m excited to be joining and be part of a team that gives you the latest resources to keep crushing at poker tournaments! I’m looking forward to hearing from you and create content YOU are craving to see. So, feel free to hit me up on with suggestions and feedback, and don’t forget to say hi next time you see me around.

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