How To Beat Small Stakes Poker Books

How To Beat Small Stakes Poker Books

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How To Win More Hands In Small Stakes Cash Games

Small stakes poker cash games.

In This E-Book, You Will Discover…
• The 6 types of small stakes cash game opponents you’ll face and how to take advantage of their mistakes

• What to do preflop to maximize your win rate by exploiting your opponents

• How to play technically sound poker by learning the fundamentals you need to know

• Tips to maximize your value from each and every hand you play

• How to play all types of hands including premium hands, good hands, draws, bluff catchers and junky hands

How To Get To The Final Table And Win Tournaments

Small stakes poker tournaments

In This E-Book, You Will Discover…
• The 3 types of small stake players and the adjustments you need to make to beat them

• How to take notes on your opponents the right way. 

• Tips on how to crush your opponents who limp and play too many hands passively

• Ways to exploit your opponents who play too many hands

• How to beat tight aggressive players by applying significant pressure at the right times

“Couldn’t have done it without Jonathan Little’s books & online coaching site.”

– Ken Adams, 1st Place Event #18 of MD State Poker Championship Series

Jonathan Little

Jonathan Little

Jonathan is a 2-time World Poker Tour Champion and won the WPT Season VI Player of the Year award. Jonathan has over $7 million in live and online tournament cashes. Jonathan recently won a $2,200 NL event for $97,160.  Jonathan is the creator of

Jonathan Little
strategies for beating small stakes poker
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