Garrett Adelstein Looks For Revenge On Hustler Casino Live

Garrett Adelstein Looks For Revenge On Hustler Casino Live

$100/$200/$400 No-Limit Hold’Em

Recently on the receiving end of a $200,000 slow roll that had the whole poker world talking, cash game pro Garrett Adelstein was in his usual seat on the Hustler Casino Live Stream when he found himself in another hefty pot against nemesis Dylan Gang. With Gang’s questionable table etiquette fresh in his mind, Adelstein was on his feet by the end of this hand, but would it play out like last time?

The Game: $100/$200/$400 with $200 Big Blind Ante – Hustler Casino Live Stream
Blinds: $100/$200/$400
Stack Sizes: 485 Big Blinds Effective

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Blood In The Water

Folded to on the button, Adelstein would raise to $1,200 holding 10♣9♣. While certainly not afraid of any player, Adelstein likely wasn’t thrilled when he saw Gang three-bet him from the small blind for $6,500. Holding a hand with the potential to flop very well, Adelstein made the easy call taking it to the flop.

Gang’s $6,500 three-bet holding A-4 may seem large compared to the initial raise size made by Adelstein. Considering both players were playing with over 400 big blinds effective, larger raise sizes are expected when playing so prominently deep stacked. Having such a deep stack and playing out of position, Gang wants to effectively apply pressure when it is in his benefit for opponents to fold. Adelstein was wise to call the three-bet, and could have even four-bet if he thought Gang would be three-betting with too wide of a range.

Adelstein Hits Top Pair

The Pot: $13,700
The Board: 9 -6 -2
Effective Stack: 468 Big Blinds Effective

With nothing but runner-runner straight and flush draws, Gang led out for a $4,500 range bet. Sensing he was well ahead of Dylan “The Villain”, Adelstein raised to $20,000, drawing a call from Gang despite having mostly air.

Gang’s flop play is heavily dependent on his preflop three-betting range, if his range contains strong overpairs and good, suited connectors he can bet with his entire range. On the other hand, if Gang’s range consisted of unsuited big cards he would have been better off checking. Following the small bet from Gang, Adelstein masterfully raised him $20,000. When opponents make small bets, you want to raise with your best made hands and your good hands that are vulnerable to being outdrawn (like top pair). Despite being in tough shape, Gang was offered decent pot odds to continue with his runner-runner draws and an overcard. Many players make the mistake of folding similar hands, ignoring the outs they have and the ability to improve on the turn.

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Gang Gets Some Help

The Pot: $53,700
The Board: 9 -6 -2 -10
Effective Stack: 418 Big Blinds Effective

The 10 on the turn would give Gang some life while improving Adelstein to two pair. Following a check from Gang, Adelstein would request Dylan raise his hands to better asses his opponent’s stack. After making some mental calculations, Adelstein fired a bet for $35,000. After thinking for a few seconds, Gang would pray for another heart and moved all-in risking his $167,000 stack. Holding a strong hand and not having much to consider, Adelstein rose to his feet and made the call.

When selecting a bet size, Adelstein wisely counted his opponent’s stack and produced a bet that priced Gang into getting it all-in. Even though Gang was drawing to the nut flush, he only profited from a call if the fifth heart were to come. Calling meant Gang would have to hit his flush to see a profit, but what if there was a chance he could have gotten Adelstein to fold instead? Examining the odds Dylan had of spiking on fifth street, his best course of action was to try and induce a fold before leaving it to the cards. While Gang risked being called, bluffing before the river provided him another route to winning the pot before depending on the river card.

Conclusion: Garrett Adelstein Survives The River, Cleans Out Dylan Gang

The 2♠ on the river was exactly the brick Adelstein was hoping for. Dodging Dylan’s potential flush, Garrett enacted his revenge collecting an almost $400,000 pot. Adelstein’s cool and calm demeanor continue to make him a fan favorite on the Hustler Live Stream. A special thank you to the Hustler Casino in Los Angeles for letting us use footage from the stream, for more high stakes action be sure to check out their YouTube channel.

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