Can You Make Money Playing Poker

Can You Make Money Playing Poker

Lesson #3: Can You Make Money Playing Poker?

One of the most common misconceptions circulating about online poker is that there is no money to be made playing. An equal and opposing misconception is that there is easy money to be made playing online poker. The truth is, there’s as much money to be made as there is to be lost–it all depends on you, the information you have and what you choose to do with it. There is plenty of cash to be made online, and the player that puts in the most time and energy will see the best results. 

Do YOU Have What It Takes?

Poker isn’t a golden goose where you can show up and make tons of money your first-time at-bat. The current state of online poker isn’t like when the game first went online: the competition is tougher, but you can still turn your passion for poker into a profitable venture.

Widespread Information

Information Age – Same For All Fields

Despite the wide-spread popularity of online poker and the easy-access information about the game, there are still plenty of ways to cultivate an edge. Prior to the advent of the internet, all the ‘secrets’ or poker concepts were found in books. The only difference is today, those concepts have been sussed out for your convenience across the net, in blogs and videos. 

The real problem with the Information Age is information overload. You have to weed through loads of crap to find the good stuff — the same goes for most fields. To counter this information dump, don’t spend all your time reading or watching videos, practice too. Clock some hours and learn from your mistakes. If you want to get good at poker, be the person who puts in the most time so you can achieve the results you want.

Blessing, Not A Curse

If you want to get good at poker, having information and resources at your fingertips is a blessing. But the reality is most people don’t want it bad enough to put in the time.

Knowing How To Use The Information Is Key

Knowing how to filter through information is what will set you apart from your competition. Being able to identify the good stuff and having a strategy for implementing quality info is essential to improving your game. This will make it easier for you to locate all the goodies while the lazy people will be left continuously searching, not making any real progress.

Money Is Constantly Being Injected Into The System

Sites Reinvesting Their Profits Into Helping New Players

One of the main reasons there’s money to be made, is the big poker sites are constantly injecting cash back into the system. This is designed to give beginners a shot at building their starting bankroll.

New Players And Markets Are Brought Into The Game

The easier it is for beginners to build up their starting roll with freerolls, VIP events or giveaways, the more it attracts new players to the game. Many of these newbies have real jobs with real money – winnable cash for someone who understands the game.

High Rollers, Gamblers Being Introduced To Poker

Site hosts are searching for big players from other games like blackjack, with big bankrolls that love gambling but haven’t been introduced to online poker yet. These players bring massive amounts of money to the game, ensuring there is plenty to go around even at the highest levels. Poker is such an intriguing game that attracts both hustlers and rich whales alike, looking for fun no matter the cost.

Many Forms Of Poker Attract Weak Competition

It’s Your Job To Seek Out The Value

You’re not likely to find money if you’re looking for it in the same place as everyone else. Throughout the poker world there are tons of hidden wells or lesser-known poker sites, private games, casinos, and poker tournaments. It’s your job to find these hidden gems so you can extract that value.

Whoever Works The Hardest Will Receive The Prize

“If It Were Easy Everyone Would Do It.”

Most of the people who claim there isn’t money to be made in poker anymore don’t want to put in the effort or feel they’re entitled to it. They likely don’t have a handle on their emotions, which is why they find it challenging to be successful. 

Having emotional control is key to doing well in poker. It’s a game where you experience a lot of ups and downs. The emotional aspect is as important as having strong technical skills. It’s the people who work hard and persevere through the early stages that get great results. 

Remember, if it were easy, everyone would do it. Many factors go into making a great player, beyond knowing math and advanced strategies; those are just the first steps to becoming a great poker player.

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