A $415,000 Pot On The Hustler Casino Live Stream

A $415,000 Pot On The Hustler Casino Live Stream

Pocket aces are always a welcomed sight for any poker player, especially when they are sitting at a poker table running $100/$200 no-limit. Previously on the Hustler Casino Live stream, Hustler regular Double M went toe-to-toe with high stakes player Andy Stacks. With neither player willing to back down, this pot quickly hit six figures, but which player ended up taking it down?

The Game: $100/$200 Cash Game w/ $200 Big Blind Ante – Hustler Live Stream
Effective Stack: 1,425 Big Blinds
Where: Hustler Casino – Los Angeles, California

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Playing Pocket Aces Preflop

Looking down at Q♠-8♣ in the hijack, Andy Stacks made it $1,000 to play. Folded around to Double M in the big blind, the Hustler Live regular three-bet $3,200 holding A-A. Deep stacked and wanting to battle, Andy Stacks executed a $12,000 four-bet, which Double M called.

Raising from the hijack with Q♠-8♣ was undoubtedly a loose play from Andy Stacks. Despite being extremely deep stacked, he was probably better off saving his chips for a hand with more value.

While Double M obviously made the right play raising with his pocket aces, he should have sized up, due to the deep stacks he and his opponent were playing at. When playing deep stacked in cash games, you should execute large raise sizes with your best hands. While large raises may induce opponents to fold their junk, they can also add value to the pot and allow you to mix in bluffs.

Following the three-bet from Double M, Andy Stacks was much better off folding his junky hand, while the bravery of his $12,000 four-bet was admirable, making this play with a suited hand would have been preferred.

Normally, calling the four-bet would have been the best play for Double M, as it would keep Andy involved with all of his junk. However, since both players were so deep stacked and Double M was out of position, he should have made a five-bet to add as much money to the pot as possible holding pocket aces.

Pocket Aces Stay Good On The Flop

The Pot: $24,700
The Board: 10♣-8♠-7
Effective Stack: 1,365 Big Blinds Effective

Double M: A-A
Andy Stacks:

Flop Analysis

First to act, Double M checked, which was followed by a $10,000 bet from Andy Stacks. Still ahead with his pocket aces, Double M made the call.

Although Double M was still ahead, this flop was certainly not a comfortable one for pocket aces. Considering the hands in Andy Stack’s bluffing range, some of them connect extremely well with this board. At this point in the hand, Double M’s strategy should have been to call down unless the board got really rough for his aces.

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A Brick On The Turn

The Pot: $44,700
The Board: 10♣-8♠-7-2
Effective Stack: 1,315 Big Blinds Effective

Double M: A-A
Andy Stacks:

Turn Analysis

Following the reveal of the turn card, Double M again checked to Andy Stacks. After utilizing a time bank, Andy continued his aggression, this time betting $35,000. Still ahead, Double M made the call.

After the blank turn card and the check from Double M, Andy Stacks should have considered two things: whether his paired eight had any showdown value, and if he had the ability to bluff Double M off of his overpairs. Some opponents are capable of giving up with their overpairs, if Andy Stacks had that specific read on Double M, firing here with the intention of blasting the river was the best course of action. Preferably, Andy would want to make this play with a hand containing a nine, as he would maintain some value holding the open-ended straight draw.

Double M continued his strategically sound play with the best pair possible, not backing down from Andy Stack’s strong betting.

Andy Stacks Goes For The River Bluff

The Pot: $114,700
The Board: 10♣-8♠-7-2-5
Effective Stack: 1,175 Big Blinds Effective

Double M: A-A
Andy Stacks:

River Analysis

On fifth street, Double M would once again check to Andy Stacks. Going for the river bluff with just a paired eight, Andy Stacks fired off a stack of $150,000.

If Andy was going to have any shot at winning this hand, he had to go for the bluff, doing so masterfully with the $150,000 overbet. A bet of such a large size could very well convince an opponent to fold an overpair, but was it enough to induce Double M to fold the Double A’s?


Recognizing he was facing a capable opponent with the ability to bluff, Double M found the call to take down a $415,000 pot.

Holding pocket aces, Double M was in a quality spot to call as not only did he hold a solid bluff catcher, but he also beat some of the value bets in Andy’s range. If Andy Stacks had pocket queens or kings, he would have been walking right into Double M’s aces. Additionally, aces did not block any of the hands in Andy’s range that he would bluff with, incentivizing Double M even more to call.

Remaining poised and not flinching to Andy Stacks’ aggression, Double M was rewarded with a massive, six-figure pot. Congratulations to Double M for the gigantic score, if you want to check out more high stakes action, be sure to check out Hustler Live’s official YouTube channel.

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