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Jonathan Little

Two-time WPT Champion Jonathan Little is a powerhouse in the global poker community. He's authored several bestselling strategy poker books, and accumulated over $7 million in live tournament cashes in the last 15 years. Crowned 2019 Poker Personality of the Year at the Global Poker Awards, the American pro is constantly rolling out a stream of exclusive articles, videos, and webinars here on PokerCoaching.com.

The Bankroll Bible

Bankroll management could easily be the first chapter in each of my poker books, because it really is that important. If you regularly squander your bankroll either by playing in games you can’t beat or by losing/spending your money elsewhere, you will never progress beyond small stakes poker games.  To play and progress without major …

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How To Win In Online Poker

Online poker saw a resurgence in 2020. When live poker was not available, players found online cardrooms and started playing poker in the comfort of their own homes. If willing to put in the effort to study, tournament and cash game players alike can make a profit playing online poker despite online games being tougher …

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Phil Ivey Bluff Catches In A High Stakes Poker Tournament

When you are considered one of the greatest poker players of all-time, it makes sense that your fans may find you playing a $200,000 buy-in tournament in the Triton Super High Roller Series. In the recent Triton Series, Phil Ivey found himself going toe-to-toe with some of poker’s best in the series’ high stakes, invitational …

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Massive River Bluff In A High Stakes Poker Tournament

The de facto end boss of any high stakes poker tournament, Australian poker pro Michael Addamo continues to travel the world and put his peers in incredibly tough spots. Playing in the Triton Poker Series in Malta, Addamo showed no fear getting after it against fellow professional poker player Chris Brewer. Leaving Brewer truly perplexed …

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