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Notice of Change to the PokerCoaching Forum

Last Updated November 15, 2021

At PokerCoaching, I am constantly looking for opportunities to improve the site and the overall experience for users.  As I look to the end of this year and into 2022, I am focusing more of my attention on the PokerCoaching community.  At the moment, the PokerCoaching community is split into the Forum and the Discord server.   

Historically, the forum has been our primary source of community. The forum has been a great place to discuss hands, strategy, submit homework and meet individuals looking to improve in Poker.  

A couple of years ago, I introduced the PokerCoaching Discord server.  My goal for the Discord server was to improve community reach and to offer an experience that felt both modern and familiar.  Discord quickly became the community destination of choice.  As the Discord server has grown, so has my investment into the overall Discord community experience. 

Unfortunately, focusing on Discord led to a significant decline in forum usage.  As a way of streamlining the community experience and focusing time and effort on experiences that provide the highest value to the community, I have decided to shut down the forum.  The biggest impact to users will be in how homework assignments are submitted.

As of today, I will be simplifying the homework experience.  Users will no longer need to post assignments to the forum for review.  I feel that this change will increase the number of users who actually benefit from participating in the monthly homework webinars by removing the friction that comes with posting to the forum homework section.

To get the most benefit out of the monthly homework webinars, I encourage you to continue to use the PokerCoaching Range Analyzer to construct ranges on your own prior to attending the monthly Homework webinar. Actively thinking through the hand and then comparing your thought process with mine will go a long way toward helping you learn and become a better poker player.

The focus on a single platform will allow me to dedicate additional resources, add community coaches, increase study sessions, add fun community activities and much more. If you have not signed up for the PokerCoaching Discord server, I encourage you to do so.  You can join the community by going to www.pokercoaching.com/community.  

Click here to join the PokerCoaching Discord Community

Our Discord community is already excellent, but I have big plans in 2022 and beyond to make it even better. I am very excited to build the best possible community experience in poker and can’t wait to see what’s in store in 2022.  

If you need additional help, please send us an email to support@pokercoaching.com.

Your Poker Coach,
Jonathan Little

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